NWA – Fuck The Police (Straight Outta Compton Movie)

NWA – Fuck The Police (Straight Outta Compton Movie)

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  1. It was about them being harassed by the cops just because of the color of their skin and their reputation. That's racism, that's fascism. N.W.A was using their music as their weapon. And Straight Outta Compton should have won like a few Academy Awards for the biography of N.W.A. On how their music changed the world.

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  3. There should be a difference between police and pigs. Police will talk to an unstable mind holding a weapon like a human being and calm them down without hurting anyone. A motherfucking pig will pull out his pistol, thinking it's his dick and just shoot to kill. Police won't pull over a black man for driving a car that looks new and above $30 grand but a shitass swine will rip them out of their vehicle for doing 55 in a 54 mph zone. Fuck Darren Wilson. Fuck Daniel Pantaleo. Fuck Timothy Loehmann. Fuck Brian Encinia. Fuck Jeronimo Yanez. And on a side note, fuck George Zimmerman.

  4. Where do the police get off anyways saying there's public "decency" laws a-nd you can't say fuck in a public setting ? I fucking dare a pig to tell me I can't swear in pubic and arrest me for it. Cuff me mother fucking pigs, I fucking DARE you.
    I will SUE Y OUR ASS for first amendment violations and that's EXACTLY what public decency "laws" are, they'll get overturned and you'l lbe liable for false imprisonment.
    so fuck you and fuck the government that passed those "laws" in the first place, they are violations of he first amendment in spirit and in reality. You can't fucking arrest people for performing a song "Fuck the police" if you do you're violating their first amendment rights and they have grounds for a lawsuit and even if you're enforcing the laws that the state government passed in your locale or the feds, doesn't matter, no government body has the authority to pass laws requiring decorum or decency, they all are violations of the first amendment.

    Fuck the police: Cuff me motherfucker. I dare you. the WHOLE VOTE on such laws was an illegitimate vote… so … bring it on.

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