Nyemiah Supreme Freestyles Live and Kills It | Sway’s Universe

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Comment (32)

  1. Nyemiah killed her freestyle, she is hands down the best female rapper of our time!! I really hope she goes very far in her music,…..she has the look and talent as well,…Go Ny

  2. That was dope AF! Yo forget about being a great female artist, if all her material is as dope as this, this is a beyond great artist regardless. Male or female. Damn that was coo

  3. She peed even thoe she messed up twice! I love Nyemah Supreme she can really dance and rap only other female rapper that can dance is Kimberly Jones yall seen her on dancing with the stars who would have thought! To bad Tink stole her spot with Tim… But Tink is bout to take over! I heard 2 of her mixtapes n they were both over the pinkprint just saying!

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