O.C. – Time’s Up 1994 [HD]

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Album: Word…Life
Wild Pitch Records 1994

Omar Credle (born May 13, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York), known by his stage name, O.C., is an American rapper and former D.I.T.C. member who has been involved with several renowned Underground Hip-Hop groups and also released many solo albums

By 1994, finished the album Word…Life which includes everything on the demo was on except for his most notable single “Time’s Up”. “Time’s up” was initially a record for Pharoahe Monch from Organized Konfusion. Beyond a quick outro from Prince Po, Word…Life does not have any guest appearances. This was not by design however as Nas was supposed to be on the album but never showed up to the studio for the recording session. The album was critically acclaimed and remains beloved in hip-hop circles.

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  1. OC's Time's Up song and music video is a classic. OC's lyrics are funny LOL. I like Slick Rick's Hey Young World sample from The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick album. KRS One sampled Time's Up on Rappaz R N Dainja song on KRS One's self titled album. OC's Word Life album sucks LOL. I like the album pictures. I love OC.

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