Ocean Wisdom – Brick Or Bat (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Muckaniks)

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‘Brick Or Bat’, Ocean Wisdom’s second single from ‘Wizville’ which is out now on limited edition vinyl, CD, cassette tape & on all good digital platforms! #Wizville

Video by Craig Capone
Insta @caponeldn

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Comment (48)

  1. [Intro]
    Hit em’ with a brick, hit em’ with a bat
    Hit em’ with a brick, hit em’ with a bat
    Smash a little prick, hurt a little prat, when I
    Hit em’ with a brick or hit em’ with a bat, X2

    From the off and the get go
    O, could take their best shot, cos their best flow
    Slow, them niggas, they want chat like they kept up
    No, there’s only one boss to ya next up pro, O
    Kiddi K, yo, did he say, that
    Did he make, dough, from a sprayed, rap
    Oh yeah, giggity, and your bae got spanked
    Said she went home, but she came to the flat
    She got on mine, it’s as snakey as that
    But don’t mind, you’ll catch an 8 to the back
    It’s only a matter of time, before I conquer the map
    You playing conkers with me? I cause the conker to crack
    See, I’m nice when I see you, so I can afford a masseuse
    She says she senses my chi and suggested subtle cahoots
    A criminal, considering she wouldn’t fuck if she knew
    I’m planning world domination while she ucking the oo
    Trust, this is the truth, fuck, what’s a brother to do?
    Them man are plugging, unplugging, then plugging the food
    It’s like they like it, trust me when they run to the loo
    It’s got me thinking they’re enjoying trying to hide what they do
    It’s kinda worrying that man are out there lying to you
    So I’m tying my shoes, and kicking them for trying to tune
    Bruh, if you was that good you’d have a Fire in the Booth
    You better settle down boy, you got some climbing to do
    You likkle pussy, you man do what Simon would do
    You wait for commands, never try inspiring youths
    Whereas G’s affect the culture when we vibe in the booth
    We’re vibing the root, that’s why the fandom like what we do
    Write on the route, then man have got some driving to do
    Them man are plugging, unplugging, then plugging the food
    Yeah they repeat it, hope you know it’s something that’s true
    So far in this tune I’ve just been rhyming like you, but wait
    Look at the way that I’m fucking the game when I’m
    Picking and packing the place, you’re in a predicament
    Talking and ticking, this ting is about go off in your face
    No tick or attacker is hitting the back of the net
    I'm a Balotelli you're a bum
    The Diaz Brothers are bums
    I’m Connor conjuring sums
    The sicker the rapper, and trickier the pattern
    The bigger the badder the bar
    The bigger the badder the cheque
    The bigger the badder the yard
    The quicker the radder the car
    The thicker the back on the bras
    The pickier that man have become
    The bigger, the badder the beast
    The bigger the brat that is done
    Brother I’m ready for war, you know but wait
    Man ain’t fucking about with no alternate occupation
    Figure the way I came and fucked the game with no procrastination
    Did it and upped with minimal fuss
    It’s evident that, we’re not on the same shit
    Man, they be talking a bag of the bull
    And a bag of the bull never something I'm taking
    Anaphylactic shock, for gal that go down and suck these nuts
    But manna are telling me G keep up with mandem like
    Eminem. MF and Buss
    In fact I'm a problem for all of them man, you know man
    I'm a problem for all of the dons, run em along
    Ca Wizzy be here, and Wizzy be strong
    So what is it? Like, what is it on?
    Cus man, I got bars for them, to cart a Cartier
    And half of them, so I can’t laugh until I’m bunnin harder
    Than regard to men, they laughing now, and catching argot
    I'll amend ya, I’ll offend ya, I’ll astand it, how the kids are passing em but
    Man ain’t fucking about with no alternate dumb suggestion
    Figure the way I stroke that pussy on my crazy punch selection
    Dipping and ducking, minimal fuss, a swift upper cut, it's something you're getting
    Mandem be talking a bag of the bull, and the man they be chatting cus they see us on set and
    Wait, you ain’t moving weight, and you ain’t pushing weight
    So why you in my face? Getting all up in my space?
    Got some young niggas, and they like to swing
    So I hit them with the swing, like
    Sway, look him in the face, who’s he trying to be?
    Who’s he trying to copy? Better not be me
    Slap him in the cheek, take a couple tooth
    The little nook will get a little bit of
    This, a little bit of that
    So when I hear the shit, the smelly kind of chat
    I tell him how it is, and yeah they might react
    So I hit em’ with a brick, or hit em’ with a bat
    A little bit of this, a little bit of that
    So when I hear the shit, the smelly kind of chat
    I tell him how it is, and yeah they might react
    So I hit em’ with a brick, or hit em’ with a bat

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