OCG – Pray For Me (Official Video)

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  1. I am up to not and came across this beautiful song. I love it and will now play it all the time. My son broke my heart when he asked me not to pray for him and said his wife would pray for him. It was a a mother's prayers to the living God that saved him so many times. God is my everything and I refuse to let a Jezabel/Delilah wick evil woman of Satan destroy my son. All she wants is for him to take care of her ex-husbands children and abandon his senior citizen mother and Aunts, Uncle's, nieces and nephew. There is a living God and no one can get away with evil. God bless all the mothers who children have forgot where they came from and all the mother who pray for their children morning noon and night. God bless you all.

  2. I wish someone will pray for me because I need so much strength now. I feel alone everyday but now I'm trying to become close to God. I have no one in my life who care that much I don't even feel close to my husband anymore, my daughter has cerebral palsy and I just want her to walk. My son is autistic and life brings so many challenges, I'm suffering ocd anxiety and life is hell. I wish God to come into my life and give me strength to fight so i can be with Jesus. My mum doesn't care about me, we r like naibours not mother and daughter. But I still love her. Jusy dont have a strong relationship with her.

  3. I thank God for my mother..
    Mummys strength and love is like no other and I'm so thankful and blessed.
    Considering my Queen was on the implant with my brother the coil with my sister and the injection with me and sacrificed a lot in her world. She gave us life that's when she said we was ment to be. She's a superhero

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