ODB Jr. – ODB Forced Me to Watch Him Get High Hours Before His Overdose

ODB Jr. – ODB Forced Me to Watch Him Get High Hours Before His Overdose


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Our drug laws are not fit for purpose. Transform promotes awareness of effective alternatives, provides new models of regulation, and supports those who are moving towards better approaches.

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During his life, rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard, left fans with countless memorable moments, one in particular was when he took his kids on a limo ride to pick up their welfare checks, which aired on MTV. The late rapper’s oldest son, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Jr., says he was 7 when it happened, and often looks back at the “regular” ride in 1995. “I was the one in the front with the braids sticking up.” He said, “I had to be 7… it was a regular moment in life for me.”

During his talk with DJ Vlad, the 26-year-old reminisces about witnessing his father use drugs right before his untimely his death. “I use to smoke weed when I was younger, but this was different. My father was doing it in front of me and looking dead in my eye.” After that very moment, he says went home and received a call that his father had died from an overdose, “It happened out of nowhere, it was so quick.” Watch the full interview above.

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