Okasian x Bryan Cha$e ft. Keith Ape – Underwater Bank // The Last Orcas pt 1

Okasian and Bryan Cha$e ft. Keith Ape – Underwater Bank (prod. Ke$hawn Beat$) // The Last Orcas pt 1

The Last Orcas is a summer release series featuring a new song and music video premiered simultaneously, from The Cohort. ©

Directed & Edited by Adrian Pereyra @adrian_actually
Produced by 88 Rising

88 is double happiness


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  1. It's sad that this shit is more profitable than his actual humor. RIP FILTHY FRANK.

    I hate the new generation. Fuck you for giving rich people more money and making the quality of so much shit go to shit. It's your fault.

  2. ANYBODY BUMPIN THIS SHIT IN 2019?💯💯💯🤘🤘🤘 Damn, just think of when they first came to be, I'm crying because I'm so proud of them. They've come so damn far, oh my goodness I love you guys.♥️🤘

  3. 'Kasian, ayy ('Kasian, 'Kasian)
    Yah, ayy (it's underwater babe)
    Ah, yah, ayy
    Underwater bank, ayy (underwater bank)
    Crossin' borders, underwater trail, ayy (underwater trail)
    Count up twice and currency exchange
    Ayy (currency exchange, bring it)
    Bring it back, ayy (bring it)
    Foreign moola in my underwater bank
    Bird-ass ninjas after my bread
    Got that game from spitta where haven’t we been yet
    My money’s safe (in my underwater, uh, uh, bank, ayy)
    Ayy, ayy (uh, uh)

    [Verse 1: Okasian & Keith Ape]
    Everyday I'm grindin' (grindin')
    Fuck your parties, I ain't showin' up, okay (showin' up, okay)
    In the booth, my ninjas leanin' (leanin')
    Kiss, just 쐈어, fine today (쐈어, okay)
    너랑 일 없어, okay (no way)
    난 규칙 없어, okay (no way)
    몇 시간 정신 놔, okay (okay)
    네가 내려다볼 높이는 아냐, 절대, ayy ('Kasian)
    소처럼 일해, 왕처럼 지배, 고래들은 그래, okay, ayy (okay)
    너는 평범해, 너는 나머지, 이유는 이해 못해, ayy (못해)
    절대 잊지 마, 너를 만들어 준 게 우리, 모름 거울 봐, okay (ayy)
    We gave you the game Seoul, TV를 봐 (okay, ayy)
    래퍼들은 김지용, 이동헌 되길 원해 (okay, e-yeah, yeah, ayy
    세 번째 눈을 깨워, 난, uh (yeah-e, yeah)
    빛을 가리고 내려와, uh (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    천사가 나를 데려가, uh (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    천당에서 돈을 세워, 난, uh (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    지옥에서 가난을 배워, 난 (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    그리고 바다에서 태어나 (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    내 바다를 돈으로 채워, 난 (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    지폐가 내 몸을 에워싸 (e-yeah, e-yeah)
    날 조준해, 조준해, 조준해, pew (ooh-ah)
    우리를 조준해, 조준해, pew (ooh-ah)
    하지만 전부 다 빗나가 버리지 (ayy, yuh)
    뻔했어, ninja movement, ooh (yuh, ooh)
    난 피고 마시고 느려져 (느려져)
    난 멈춤에 여유가 느껴져 (느껴져)
    Feel like a Percocet, 모두에 무뎌져
    전보다 돈이면 불어서… (ayy, 불어서…)

    [Verse 3: Bryan Cha$e]
    Feelin' myself I'm so new, ayy
    Bit' on my back and I'm dool, ayy (dool, ayy)
    Bitch on my dick, she suck new, ayy
    Chain on my neck, it’s so new, ayy (ayy)
    I be with the, with the crew, ooh (I be with the, with the crew)
    I be with the, with the crew, ooh
    Say she don’t fuck with no lames, ayy
    I cannot fuck with this lames
    Made it, just look where we at, yeah
    Made it, just look at the cash, yeah
    Smokin' on the boof on the booth, ayy
    Stackin' up bank till its full, ayy (bank till its full)
    Made it, just look at our jewels, ayy
    We made it, just look at our jewels, ayy
    Feelin' myself I'm so new, ayy
    I get the cash and I'm dool (cash and I'm…)

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