Old School Hip Hop Instrumental Japanese Rap Beat Prod. By Graffic Beats

Old School Hip Hop Instrumental Japanese Rap Beat Prod. By Graffic Beats

Free for non-commercial use


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  1. Great beat bro! You had an other amazing track as well that you had made, think it was called “off the block” where is that? Thought it was dope!! But can’t find it all of a sudden.

  2. Im a smooth operater
    Put that do not disturb on the door tell the waiter ill see you later
    Hey baby what goes bump in the night
    Call me dr.jeckyl or mr. Hyde
    Mr. wrong or mr. Right
    Excuse me im a snake slither inside your mind
    I take whatever i just know i gotta get mine
    Im an assain step out the shadow hit it and im out the door
    Im full but at the same time hungry
    I gotta get more
    Im the stepping razor
    Number 1 assasin
    Red light flashing
    I cut ya quick that ass is in danger
    I like strange but im not stranger
    I break them walls
    Ill throw hot dogs down halls
    I rub my kids on two crusty socks
    I get excited when i get in that treasure box

  3. My word is made with steel the will of a samurai
    Cut like swords the mind with my smile on the face
    Fighting with grace,the body seems to dance
    Shaking my micro in a bloodly trance when approaching the freestyle

  4. Soy un samurai que hace freestyle estilo libre soy de alto calibre bienvenido a mi lugar soy olestar perdon si entro a molestar solo quiero calentar tu timpano meto quinta bro en tu auricular Ponte a flexionar a reflexionar si meterte con migo es apreciar … tu vida nigga eres un suicida mejor emprende la huida me invocaste con la uija …. sin querer este dia vuelves a perder la esperanza hasta incluso tu confianza este men y su elegancia hoy se van a detener………..

  5. Lets share toughts! I think that your track was amazing! Good vibe, nice drums and melody.
    Give me feedback what you think about my shiid man ! One LOVE Hip-Hop!

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