Olive Oil aka Soloal One – Alea Mix : Rhythm of my Island (Guest Mix)

Olive Oil x Magical Mystery Mix
(Japanese Hip-hop)


◦ This a re-upload in higher quality of the mix Olive Oil made for Magical Mystery Mix a while ago. It is essentially composed of his compositions and productions, that features top of the range Japanese rappers, such as 5lack, Kojoe, Ritto, and Sneeze.

Artwork by Popy Oil.

■ About Olive Oil

Olive Oil aka Soloal One aka El Nino is a music producer/DJ from Tokunoshima in Amami Oshima, currently living in Fukuoka, Japan. He created the record label & artist collective “Oil Works” with his brother Popy Oil, who is a painter/illustrator/VJ.


Olive Oil

■ http://oilworks.jp
■ https://oliveoil.bandcamp.com
■ https://soundcloud.com/oliveoil-2

Popy Oil

■ http://popyoil.com


■ More Hip-hop mixes
– by Jazz Spastiks : https://youtu.be/7uWMgyqhltg
– by Dday One : https://youtu.be/AvR5jUe-4A0
– MF DOOM Mix : https://youtu.be/6aURmvjMjCE
– Japanese Hip-hop & Grooves : https://youtu.be/_Q4ildsEiw8


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