Once upon a dream – lofi hip hop mix

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Art – https://imgur.com/a/UnSJy
00:00 aqualina – thank you, i love you, i’ll miss you
02:11 Nom – Breeze
05:10 Secretboy – Comfortable
07:41 City Girl – always in reverse
10:49 Yoann Garel – Cafe Vibes
14:30 usualalex – Showers
16:20 BesideZion – blockhead
18:45 brother brother – cozy
20:43 bert – how i feel with u
21:55 usualalex – Alone
23:06 Elocin – i wish that was me
24:45 BADTZ ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ – Bluepurple
26:18 mr dilone ☎︎ – phone booth – mr dilone




City Girl

Yoann Garel


brother brother


BADTZ ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨
mr dilone ☎︎

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Comment (43)

  1. sometimes i really want to sleep for a long time just so i can forget about the world but im scared ill wake up and everyone i love will be gone

  2. Quando lo stalking di gruppo sarà considerato normale dala società, e si faranno leggi al riguardo e la gente non potrà dire nulla.. Allora io ti ascolterò. Ma fino al quel giorno… Saremo qui, solo io e te.

  3. 29:19 OMFG OKAY so i was listening to this in the background and the america online dial up sound started playing JUST AS MY PHONE WASN’T REACTING FOR A FEW SECONDS SJDBDIBD THE TIMING!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Yeah man. It's just like that. Not a sadness, but an introspection. At the end of a long journey more or less. I didn't 'win' it, but I didn't outright lose, either. I'm just where I am and that's what I've got to go with.

  5. I awoke to cloudy day,
    which one I could not say.
    I brewed a cup of tea,
    with no sugar, minty as could be.

    I went out just after 3,
    and upon entering a public domain,
    I spotted a beautiful young woman by a tree.
    Her radiance did, my gaze, sustain.

    I resolved myself and knew I must engage,
    If the distance was what I wished to change.
    I introduced myself rather well, I must say,
    As she did not bid me away.

    We then spent the rest of the day together,
    Chatting away and joking with one another.
    Her laugh the sweetest sound I ever heard,
    Sweeter than the song of a bird.

    We would part ways to meet once more.
    We grew closer together, our hearts would soar,
    Before landing in each others arms,
    With her smiling, one of her many charms.

    Spending days side by side, quietly enjoying the company.
    Content with each other, her gaze, to that, a testimony.
    Holding her close, I never wanted her warmth to fade away.
    But alas she was not meant to stay.

    Knowing not the reason she was leaving for,
    I reached out, grasping at the person I most adore.
    Emotions flooding over, stinging my eyes.
    I did not wish to make goodbyes.

    And just as our outstretched hands touched, finger to finger,
    I awoke in my bed, but with her my thoughts did linger.
    I realized those months had been a dream,
    The swelling sadness and despair nearly causing me to scream.

    How could it, her and our time together not be real?
    The experience that I truly did feel.
    All I know is that I met a woman brighter than a sunbeam,
    And I loved her, Once Upon A Dream.

  6. i had heard this song years ago when i was in middle school, i always loved the 1st song and now years later listening to it is making me tear up.
    just remembering the moments in my life when things were more simple and there were no worries and all that mattered was enjoying life and being around friends. i moved away from that town years ago and have not been able to reach them since.
    so thinking about those lines " thank you, i love you, i'll miss you" makes me almost cry because it makes me have the biggest sense of nostalgia I've ever had in my life.
    thank you Dreamy for giving me the great experience i had years back. it literally wouldn't be possible to have this feeling of happiness without you here on YouTube

  7. When I woke up this morning it was pouring rain outside, and I unexpectedly got a call from work saying I have the day off, so I have a day to relax inside on a rainy late September day.

  8. hi, there was a song on the original mix of this that was charlie brown talking about a ¨red-haired girl¨ and i was wondering if you have the song name.

  9. In our dreams, we were full of happiness that we simply cannot explain. Some of us even wished that they want to live inside of their dreams. It's sad isn't it? Life is so hard that some of us wanted to live in their imaginary ideal world, or what we called dreams. I hope someday.. Just someday, we can find this genuine feeling called happiness.

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