Only music and nothing more | lo-fi hip hop mix [study/sleep/homework music]

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👁Art –
by Pierre Broissand
00:00 Myst – Lilac
02:58 MavisOnBeat – I Miss You
05:18 liqcil – regretful
07:07 enkae – blossom
10:19 beatificWonders – falling frozen
13:55 LoFi Ghost – Facts
16:13 Jath – I Miss You
18:25 sad boy with a laptop – im madly in love with you, sorry
19:28 peatu – Street Blues
21:54 niquo – advances
23:55 Mingu5 – Remember
27:52 kronicle – lucid dreaming








sad boy with a laptop



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#Dreamy#lofi hip hop#beats to relax/study to


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Comment (31)

  1. Video: only music
    Me: cool, cool
    Video: 14:11 mumbling about meaninglessness of life
    Me: Say what now?
    Video: 15:23 loud, sudden French
    Me: nearly jumps out of skin What the…
    Video: 16:25
    Me: WhY Do YoU PEoPLe KeEP tALkiNG OveR mY MUSiC!?!

  2. as someone who panics and worries a lot, this kind of music and these hour-long mixes are what calms me down. thanks so much bro/bro-ette, it means so much <3

  3. Thank you dreamy for putting out music like this, the sound is beautiful, especially when you're off in a smaller room and the only one wake, this music only complements the silence you hear outside the door to the other room

  4. Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day.

  5. The more you seem to be sure about your life, the harder the fall is when everything crumbles…. Most of you people speak about being lonely and wanting to be with someone. Piece of advice. Do not rush it. Love is to be harnessed calmy, genuinely…. Because the pain of having it and not being sure if you really wanted it… Is unbearable…

    Try to be happy with just yourself… before you try to share it with somebody… Or you might as well regret doing so…

  6. I feel bad today. He didnt text me since monday and i dont know why. Did i make a mistake or did he feel bored with me. Am i only something unimportant to him or he just didnt feel that im the right one. Did he just feel bad with his parents and got some trouble with his try in looking for a job. Or is it just me whom still keep my pride to didnt text him first. But if im an important person to him i think it makes sense if he would text me first. If im an important person to him it would make sense he doesnt let me hold this relationship alone. Should i let him go?

  7. To be honest, today is not the best day. My best friend left for Abu Dhabi and will only be returning in 2 years time – that's if she decides to return. I'm finding it very difficult to fathom the change I'll be undergoing and already – I cannot cope with the amount of loneliness I feel, mentally and emotionally – it's a huge adjustment for me and I'm not entirely sure how to handle this whole situation and I've loved her before "we've dated previously" – I'm just finding it very difficult to cope with the amount of change because I know if I lose her….I lose apart of me too…

    I honestly don't know what to do…

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