Original Soul Train Dancers Reminisce On What It Took To Dance On Soul Train! | American Soul

Original Soul Train Dancers Reminisce On What It Took To Dance On Soul Train! | American Soul

From the days of Motown to the birth of hip hop, the “Soul Train” dancers look back at their time on the show and reflect on how their experiences transformed black culture.

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Comment (32)

  1. A black male handing out chicken and soda to his own people instead of payment but lining his own pockets. Sound familiar?? Imo those dancers made that show what it was, periodt!! Damn shame😑

  2. There were several other dance shows back then besides Soul Train and American Bandstand. Unfortunately none of the dancers were paid on dance tv shows. That's how it was.

  3. Soul train is theOG DOOR OPENER FOR THIS NEW AGE GAY SHIT AFTER THE 70s the shit played out the 80 and 90 dancers were bullshit. That's why the train ain't here today.

  4. they should have been paid. we sure weren't watching for him, don. he wasn't that attractive as a host. the dancers were eye candy along with the up and coming performers. we see what happen with him in the end. he should spread the wealth and not just fame from the dancers who were giving life to his show free, free, damn

  5. Louis Carr was a terrible dancer, he spent 50% of the time dancing terribly and the other 50% coming up with some ridiculous skit. I liked real dancers. He got over because he was that light skinned dude.

  6. 🤔 am Thinking of the Black people, they have always been the show in each and everything and yet they have always been robbed, we think and create the greatest in everything while they take. That's a damn shame😲

  7. What year was this filmed? Lol..based on some of their ages im guessing a few years ago..i know "black dont crack"..but some look to young for their birth year in this segment, probly filmed a few years ago

  8. I love how she said it's how you used the vechical. My husband wanted to break into American radio and for three years he traveled from Brooklyn to Manhattan at 4 in the morning. His show was 30 mins then finally he got 1hr. No pay. After two years finally got a check.

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