P Money freestyle – Westwood

The most talked about man in Grime P Money in the building droppin’ a *HOT* freestyle on the Westwood 1Xtra show. NOT TO BE MISSED!


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  1. P money bck in the day still killing it but beats a little bit !! off key there's something missing and that's little Dee .. stay blessed 📿 P money the lyrical G . 🎧🧢💯

  2. thankfully for once, a beef in grime where the 2 mc's are both highly skilled so its hard to make a choice. P money and Ghetts both have different styles, both having their positives. I personally prefer ghetts for the deeper meaning to the lyrics, but p's also got bars and is an awesome party mc too. Becomes subjective after that…

  3. @TB4GamingOfficial As much as i love P you can't say that, cause everyone knows Wiley is the king of grime. Yeah P is defo one of the best right now but Wiley created grime and he is the king.

  4. @MrJez97 naw no chance, his rhymes are simplen his flow is always the same but i aint saying he is shit, ghetts shat all over him with his first reply ! :/ tell me do u actually listen to what they are saying or do u just hear it once and make your choice ?

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