Panther (1995, trailer) [Kadeem Hardison, Bokeem Woodbine, Courtney B. Vance, Marcus Chong]

Panther (1995, trailer) [Kadeem Hardison, Bokeem Woodbine, Courtney B. Vance, Marcus Chong]
It is a time of tension of rioting in the streets. A time of change. In Oakland, California, 1968, a militant group, The Black Panthers led by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale have armed themselves and are ready to right for freedom. To the people, they’re heroes, but to the FBI they’re Public Enemy Number One. Now the Feds will do everything they can on the right or wrong side of the law to bring the Panthers down. *******************************************************************************************************

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  1. A classic film with an even more classic line-up of actors. Some of whom were extremely young at the time this came out.

    Notebly an underrated actor by the name of Wesley Jonathan who has since had several television, movie and stage play roles.

    Another noteworthy figure in is this film is the legendary rapper/actor Mohandas Dewese a.k.a. Kool Moe Dee

    I think Mario and his father Melvin Van Peebles did a tremendous job in bringing this adaptation to life.

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