Paul McCartney shows the Mellotron

The ex Beatles Paul McCartney shows the Mellotron organ. Taken from Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road


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  1. 2:08 Fun fact: C418 also sampled this very section for his song "Stal" from Minecraft! If you listen to the C418 version, the riff appears at the 1:30 mark in this video

    . I like to think he watched this very video in 2011 when he was developing the album for the game and enjoyed it enough to feature a part of it in his music.

  2. I was wondering how you do a full keyboard slide from C major to G minor. Then I realized that you turn it into a minor 7th by sliding to Bb without the without the bottom note.

  3. 0:13 The Mellotron is really a forerunner of the sampler, and would inspire instruments like the Birotron (until that instrument fell off the face of the earth) and the Fairlight CMI of the 80s. I'd say the true forerunner of the synthesizer is the Hammond Novachord, or perhaps the Telharmonium even further back.

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