Pharoahe Monch – Agent Orange

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[Hook 1]
Please lord forgive me for my sins
My life is all I have to give
Please lord forgive me for my sins
My life is all I have to give
Damn you that lost the will to live

[Verse 1]
Pissed on the motherfucking White House lawn
I threw a rock, then I ran
Cause I couldn’t stand anymore within the grip of the man
Y’all wanna ask me who’s sane
These biological gasses are eating my brain
Its a political grab bag to rape mother earth
Thirty seconds after they bagged dad for what he’s worth
Thousands will die now so millions can smile later
This ain’t the +Rockford Files+ nigga
They stockpile data for satellites
Where you discuss who’s style is greater
In this killing pool you playing it cool like Kyle Jada
When ya’ll ready to rock like Led Zep and Al Qaeda
With weapons of mass destruction an hour later
What’s your identidy today?
You on some John F. Kennedy or Timothy McVeigh?
This Henessy done left me with a remedy to spray
For my identity your life is the penalty to pay

[Monch] {Crowd
[Y’all ready to rock?]
{We ready to rock
[Y’all ready to roll?]
{We ready to roll

[Hook 2]
My life is all I have to give
Please lord forgive me for my sins
My life is all I have to give
Damn you that lost the will to live
Trapped in the game
Just tryin to win (3x)

[Verse 2]
Its not a Vietnam song
I know women from desert storm who came back deformed
Missin limbs and disease and they legs is numb
Chemicals twice as strong as agent orange
Its messages in the bass drum
War goin off in your mind
No man is safe from
Its not a Game Boy about the PlayStation
Its +Resident Evil+ when every President’s a mason
Robbin y’all fools like ?
And y’all inherited roots and don’t know how to retrace them
Place them back
Face them facts
Disgraceful, faceless, tasteless acts
Pharoahe takes teh authorities to court
Peep crime before it happens like +Minority Report+
And I will never be mentally defenseless
Cats be on the block, in the hood in the trenches sayin


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Comment (29)

  1. The symbols on your video represent tattoos I did on myself at age 17….that's crazy that I just realized this. Loved this song first time I heard it.

    And yes. I want you to know.

  2. I threw a rock in IRAN, cause I couldn't stand anymore within the grips of the man, y'all wanna ask me Hussein, these biological gases are eating my brain, it's a political grab back to rape mother earth, 30 seconds after they baghdad for what it's worth.

  3. It's messages in the bass drum, war goin on for ya mind no man safe from, it's not a game boy, x box or playstation, it's a resident evil when every president's a mason

  4. except for the fact that rap and hip hop are fairly interchangeable words. There is a reason they are called 'rappers' …wait for it….because they 'rap'…do some research next time you post before you look foolish

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