Phillis Hyman, McCoy Tyner – I’ll Be Around (1982)

Phillis Hyman, McCoy Tyner – I’ll Be Around

This is My tribute to Phyllis Hyman. This is sort of a rare song that was recorded in 1982 featuring McCoy Tyner.
Please enjoy.



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  1. I haven't heard this song before…I love it love it…I'm in awe of this wonderful lady…Go to God and let him hear your sweet voice…RIH.

  2. 🌈Beautiful 🎞️📽️ tribute to the never forgotten 🌍 Miss Phyllis Hyman 🎙️*1 in a Million🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
    & McCoy Tryner on 🎹 Wow

  3. You were a special light in God’s creative eyes for him to have created you Ms Phyllis Hyman to be so special, beautiful and amazing voice, bravo and hallelujah to the creator for offering us YOU!

  4. This is a beautiful song and it's my fist time hearing it. I thought I had heard everything song by Phyliss Hyman. This I must say is a nice surprise !!! Love it !!!

  5. This is my favorite song from McCoy Tyner's LP!! Looking Out!!! Phyllis sang the hell of this song. It didn't get a lot of air play but there was enough air play for me to remember this son over 30 years later.!!! Simply the best jazz ever.

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