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10. 00:00 – Pag tumingin ka, akin ka – Princess Thea, Yayoi, Still One
9. 00:35 – Minsan – Nico G feat Berto
8. 00:42 – Bida Bida – Pio Balbuena feat. Mhot
7. 1:06 – Ating Musika – XXL, Mike Kosa & Anak ni Bakuko
6. 1:32 – Boomboxx – Bass Rhyme Posse feat. Chi Nigga
5. 2:04 – Senyales – Don Pao
4. 2:30 – Kontrabida- Pricetagg feat. CLR
3. 02:58 – Makabaho – Apekz
2. 03:15 – Tamang Way – Bugoy na Koykoy
1. 03:45 – C2 at Gin – Droppout & Rhyne

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