Planet Asia “Chain Warriors”

Planet Asia “Chain Warriors”

The God Power Allah also known as Planet Asia drops a Visual, Directed by the God INFMEGA for his song “Chain Warriors”

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  1. Big up to the legend PA, always on point 💯, also shout out to Classic Material NY. Super humble dude. Some sequences in this video are shot in his store. Had a chance to visit the shop and purchase some dope gear.

  2. Yo my pops use to talk about you for a hot minute I never believed him because I couldn’t find anything on the internet. I owe him a major apology and thanks cause y’all are fire!

  3. Infmega, what's up with the King Sun, Wise Intelligent, Culture Freedom, Almighty Asiatic Star, Positive Force (Nj), Sir Ibu from Divine Force, Just-Ice or his peoples Melquan interviews?

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