PRhyme – Era ft. Dave East (2018)

PRhyme – Era ft. Dave East

PRhyme “Era” feat. Dave East available now:


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  1. Dave East is a prime example of just how wack these lyrical gymnastics rappers are. As grooveless and stiff as this beat was (especially for Premo's standards), dude couldn't flow on it to save his life while Royce just floats on it like it's nothing and completely washes him based on cadence alone. It wasn't enough to make me wanna return to the song again, but it was enough for me to differentiate Royce from all these lyrical miracle rappers that these wannabe "real hip-hop" fans keep dickriding because he at least understands the importance of rhythm instead of focusing solely on cramming a bunch of syllables and writing convoluted metaphors.

  2. Honestly, this whole album needs more Preme, and less Royce-“I feel entitled to be a victim” da 5’9’s cryin’ ass. Since when did Premier start hookin up wit rappers anyways?!

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  4. Royce is legit the best rapper of all time, he tops Biggie, Pac, Nas, Wu-Tang, Eminem, all the greats. Never fails to impress me and to this day I'm yet to hear a weak verse from him

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