Products of the Environment – (by Street Literature) Official Video

Products of the Environment – (by Street Literature) Official Video

Produced By Dean Scurry (whitebrow)
Directed/Camera/Editing by Marion Mc Manus
Executive Producer Ballymun Communications

Lyrics – Daniel ‘Lunitic’ Mc Donnell, James ‘Cosmellow’ Costello, Andrew ‘4Real’ Farrell, Christopher ‘Git’ Buckley

First AD – Dean Scurry
Second AD – Catherine Delaney
Music by Christopher Buckley
Music mixed by Moschops

Dedicated to Lunitic.


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Comment (36)

  1. the saddest thing about this innovative, genius homage to our fair enough city, is the fact, when i first seen it, channel 6 or youtube..i was blown away…blown away…but trying to find it again was nigh on impossible for me…but 7 years on, it still doesnt dissapoint…thank you.

  2. All Ireland north and south the estates are the same, fucking neglected by a state that looks down at us and doesn't give a fuck

  3. The finest Irish hip hop, no doubt, im so glad I found this video again, and dya know what, thats coddle like me Ma made, why is there not enough love for this city…

  4. evrytime, some yuppie looks down a t me I love listening to these lads, fucking brilliant lads keep it up and put irish hiphop on the map 😊😊😯

  5. love this , wish the crew could in some way release an album of all Lunitic Tracks ………serious talent (taken way to young) RIP 

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