PT. 2 Friday Fire Cypher: Kid, Lantana and Kool AD Freestyle over ill Movie Type Production from AP

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  1. Kid didnt even know he was gonna rap and doesn't rap much anymore and still was solid……so why would you come on one of the biggest platforms for rap and not have fire bars… I know your better than that G, when you come on Sway you gotta bring it… Salute to all though, no hate.

  2. I made a comment previously that I lost some respect for Kool AD for not showing up more prepared to this, but I take that back. Dude was just prolly a little too stoned and a little nervous. All things considered he handled himself really well.

  3. Ain't nothing Kool or funny about dude. I'm erked. Sway u fucked up wit tht one, u almost lost a fan/citizen. Dnt never bring dude back. I mean never ever!

  4. Damn kool, u gtta go hard bruh. Kid still got it n u know I'm gtn at tht kidnblaze. These youngens dont know kid at all talkn shit,lol, disrespectful mfrs. Go lantana.

  5. Kool AD…stoned don't work for you…I can see that he has some interesting shit to say, but just failed to deliver on the platform…On some Gambino/Tyler/Sweatshit/Shady stuff, but just not about his craft and couldn't pull it off…


  6. KOOL AD THE BEST RAPPER ALIVELISTEN TO BARTER 7 (NAMELY "HANDSOME AND WEALTHY, IF I RULED THE WOLD & REAL ONE) KOOL GOT CLASSICS, PEEP HIS BANDCAMP.The best freestyles are all about vibes and kool knows this. And the vibes weren't right in this environment, they were rushing + standing (not relaxed) + lame beats. Not making excuses for kool, he wasn't prepared. He wanted to have fun because taking freestyling seriously is LAME. But if he ever gets to come back down he'll KILLL IT, TRUST ME. He said in a song called Open Letter, "I climb thru raps, to worlds untouched and unsullied by human language…" , and it's true. He was on a track with Talib and KILLED him (The Actual).He drops jewels without trying, his soul is free. This "free" style didn't get to capture that, mostly because they are confined by time. He has so many styles, its hard to represent yourself with 2 old verses freestyled on sum dinky beats. Lantana was nice I wont lie, but KOOL goes beyond rap and beyond words. Its a feeling. Its philosophy. Its vibrations. Its dumb and smart. Beyond intellectualism. Beyond Music. He's like Lil B The Based God but more lyrical.I can safely say listening to KOOL AD raises your consciousness, slowly but surely. KOOL AD BEST RAPPER IN THE WORLD Listen to some of these (Most essential in caps and brackets ): (DUM DIARY),(OPEN LETTER), (MAESTRO), (BERING SEA GOLD), (EXOSTICHE KUNST), Santeria, (IF I RULED THE WORLD), Lush, Nutmeg, Ken Burns, Fettucini, (HAHAHA JK), Leverage, Im On A Plane, Roc Marciano Joint, Lush, Pleasance, (REAL ONE), Don Dada, Free Jazzmataz, Kriss Kross, Hyrdants, (HANDSOME AND WEALTHY), Last Huzzah Remix, Shut Up Dude, (DO YOU LIKE IT), Amazing Alice Coltrane Freestyle, Chuy Gomez, Shot Caller Freestyle, (RAPPING 2 U), New World, (GOOD OLD NEON), (TV EYE), (MONEYBALL), (CHUCK VERY). AND THERES MORE! LISTEN TO :THE TWO DAS RACIST MIXTAPES, 51, 63, PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS, NOT OK, WORD OK, COKE BOYS 5, OK, BARTER 7… if u want , who cares… also, read some of his interviews, essays and his joke book. #RARE gems u must collect.

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