Questlove on J Dilla’s sampling techniques | Red Bull Music Academy

Questlove on J Dilla’s sampling techniques | Red Bull Music Academy

Questlove, drummer and co-founder of The Roots, reflects on the genius of J Dilla’s sampling, notably his use of Roy Ayers’ Ain’t Got Time for Black Star’s Little Brother. #sampling #questlove #jdilla

Watch the full lecture – – for a deep dive on drumming, Dilla and D’Angelo.

Red Bull Music Academy is the educational pillar of the Red Bull Music program. It is a global institution that for 20 years has been committed to fostering creativity in music by collaborating with those who are shaping our musical landscape and creating spaces for music makers to learn and immerse themselves.

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Comment (24)

  1. Dilla is the best. Hands down. To be able to cut up that Roy Ayers like that.. On the MPC. Not a DAW. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Brilliant!

  2. He was so low-key about his creations that I didn't even realize that he made my favorite loops until he died. Every other great in hip hop has him as the penultimate talent in producer history.

  3. Dilla was dope
    But bro i know BeatMakers that they were in literally the dark and their beats are waaaaaaaay fire than dilla and ain’t talking about new “prodducers” shittt

  4. I Understand where he coming from, me & Dilla went to school together back in late late 80"s early 90"S we had a crew called D.D.P . Double Dose Possie in High school, Benjamin O. Davis Aerospace Highschool On the east side of Detroit ( I remember he sampled a, Donald Bird classic for the talent show we were in …. I took the L.P from my Uncle Chuck Record collection … & That's how it all started , back then he went by the name (Silk )

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