Questlove Presents Midnight Marvin

Questlove Presents Midnight Marvin

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  1. Sam cookiah also Bro great job looking fwd for more also if you can hit the crusaders joe sample Earth Wind and Fire David Forster beginnings this is real diggers downstairs records ur kicking knowledge bless up bro

  2. he was part pop prince and part petulant child, part soulful crooner and part prophet/griot, AND UNFORTUNATELY–part angel ascending AND part demonic dissension….but he was 100% artistic GENIUS….IMHO, only rivaled by Steveland and PRN…
    you only have to listen to Arthur T-Boy Ross's (Diana's little brother) version of the song HE co-wrote w/Leon Ware (I Want You) and then listen again to Marvin Penz Gaye, Jr.'s version to see his level of genius—-he TRANSCENDED EVERYTHING he touched…(screw you Berry, you're A SUIT)…..
    Thanks for the amazing tribute, Question….long may Marvin R.I.P……

  3. Awesome story telling, thank you for telling the history of Marvin Gaye. After this fantastic set I feel more connected to the Great Marvin.👏💪💞✌ p.s. I heard the reverb in Barry's version…I prefer Marvin's version😏

  4. It must be a fuckin joke!! i have been waiting for this shit 2 hoiurs doing things xD for sure i closed streaming and it started hahaha

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