Quicksilver – MANTRA

Quicksilver is track 5 on MANTRA’s forthcoming album Telling Scenes. Great song gi


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  1. You were speaking another language
    That my heart wasn't understanding'
    Now speech was becoming frantic
    What can I say? I'm a romantic
    I'm attracted to disappointment
    Like i planted a fly in the ointment
    Just to puncture what I had enjoyed building with you in a moment of annoyance
    If it ever taught me anything it's that I should never listen to my inner voices
    If I ever I hope to avoid being a victim of ill-advised choices
    Poison, so paranoid of strange noises
    How they were putting place in destroy us
    I couldn't recognise, I was choosing to employ them
    It's on me, for making the wrong move
    I was taking the long way home when I put it all on you
    You were paying for my mood
    Pretty soon you were outta comments see
    You were done with me, you turned
    Until the back of you, was the only thing I had in front of me

    The more I try to hold you in my arms
    The more you would slip away
    If only I eased the grip of my palms
    Then perhaps you'd have chosen to stay

    (Verse 2)
    I was by myself and I did it by myself
    Thought I didn't love you, but I did, I just didn't like myself
    So I have to find myself, try to redefine myself
    Read the fine print see what I'm missing really redesign myself
    I could never cry for help or seek you out for guidance
    For the fear that you might recognize
    Weakness disguised as kindness
    Those sleepless nights remind me
    Of that peace you tried providing
    When my peace of mind was hiding
    I couldn't see my eyes were blinded
    You saw deep inside my Iris, witnessing my very soul
    Looking beyond anything I'd ever been able to hold
    You were bold
    Taking it all in, climbed unafraid of the fallin'
    But by the break of the morning you were morning
    I never saw your warnings
    I ignored what I was ignoring when I was touring and wasn't calling
    We wouldn't talk anymore til I got back home
    It was then that I started performing
    A storm between you and I, we're warring and now it's do or die
    It's either self sabotage of social suicide

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