R.A (Real Artillery) – Fire In The Booth

South London rapper R.A’s (Real Artillery) 1st Fire In The Booth with DJ Charlie Sloth on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra.


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Comment (29)

  1. R.A come wit straight real Artillery I went to war wit the Vikings no drug in his drink when I spiked him come on !!! R.A is the Don straight up fcking fire my brudda . Stay Blessed 📿 fam I'm out peace .. 🎧🧢 ✌👏👏💯 I apply pressure at McDonald's when I drive through with this double burger that will knock is Apple pie lose RA is a straight O.G he'd go into anything shelling anyone in is way believe me !! .. 🎤👊

  2. Pen game verse

    I used to wrap ** and slap 6 and divide 2, you can get 3 out this .45 and this 9 too –
    had a 10, let go 11 up on my yout, nuff man talk about paper that is light food –
    I've seen two fifty five like five two, all this rap shit man just chat shit and get signed too –
    If this (****/gat) click like Gatwick how it flies through, apply the pressure McDonalds when I drive thru –

    With this double burger that will knock his apple pie loose, Monday or Sat I got many ways to find you –
    Get it? you probably don't, or didn't try to, how can i listen to this, all these dons washed –
    If i lift him up with the 5th that's a long drop, you know my likkle brother zeeks(?) he was on job –
    If you ain't bout it you can get your head bombed off, they ain't never peeled off and teared out a dons top –

    I'm here now, all them man are weird now, I just bring the spare rounds, when I go and stare out a dons spot –
    care about, all them man are scared now, I just bring the fear out, when I go and air out a dons block –
    Straight up shutdown, trying to get the roley all buss down, if you see me rolling better duck down –
    Or you get cut down, when i swing the truck around, big ting, that'll bring a double decker bus down –

    You know my workrate, I be coming 1st not 3rd mate, know I like to flirt with my wordplay –
    I be mashing works, on a works day, diss me the 1st day, everything khalas by the 3rd day –
    Ready to go Jumu'ah from the Thursday, locked in a worst place, imagine that ten on your birthdays –
    10 in the pen that's the meaning of a pen game –


  3. I was so annoyed at this being only just over 5 mins but after listening, he fits quite a lot in. And there's 3 diff beats aswell. Probably would have liked a bit longer but this is fire. Ra is 1 of my favs right now. He feels very authentic.

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