Raff Alpha | Archangel Gabriel 💿 (Official Full Album)

A-OK All Day presents the exclusive Official Full Album Stream for Raff Alpha’s new LP, “Archangel Gabriel”

0:00 1. Holy Rebel
2:11 2. All the Marbles
4:42 3. God Don’t Sleep
7:52 4. Brown Queen
10:44 5. Colin Kaepernick
14:01 6. In the Streets
17:55 7. Part of the Game
21:07 8. Kids
24:16 9. Holy Man
27:36 10. Grandma Rahki
31:05 11. Get Ya Money UP
34:06 12. Don’t Want to Depart
36:56 13. High Vibrations
39:37 14. Momma Tanya’s Prayer

Released: 22 Dec 2018
℗ 2018 (C) 2018 Omega Academy Records

Raff Alpha is an emcee from Baltimore, Maryland, apart of the independent internet-based music collective “FILO. Archangel Gabriel is his latest album, which is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Google Play, and more. While the album is very much a spiritual project, Raff’s traditional old school flows very much remain. Raff considers this body of work to be his most personal, calling the tracks as messages from God. The final track is a recorded prayer from Alpha’s mother.

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Comment (21)

  1. Thank you God for lending me one of your messengers of Love,Hope,Faith & Wisdom who goes by the name "RAFF ALPHA ". To me, he's my "TY"and I'm his "Grandma Rahki", Yes the one he wrote about on this Album. I am truly humbled & honored to be his Grandma. I am waiting for the WORLD to learn of his presence.

  2. Great emcee #RaffAlpha #WriterOfLyrics 🙌 🙏 for sharing ur "Gems". This whole Album is of such Spiritual Essence…Like a Sacred Scroll that could be unscrolled and read to our families, our fellow man to remind/uplift.
    God Don't Sleep, never give in to defeat. Absolutely! #DontLetTheDevilWin
    Kids, Grandma.R , High Vibrations and 39:37 If true meaningful Hip Hop Dominated the Devils PlayGround? I wonder #AOKAllDay ur an ANGEL for bringing this to us 🌠🌠🌠

  3. Much thanks and a huge shout out to Jesse along with the entire A-OK platform for uploading the album. Undoubtedly one of the realest YouTube channels out there. On behalf of Raff we hope you all enjoy the project. Feel free to let us know your favorite tracks! Peace and much love.

  4. It's a shame conscious hip-hop is so underground and underrated. This is true music, straight from the soul. Ain't nothin close to the evil messages in mainstream agenda.. God Bless the truth seekers, the rule breakers, the God cravers.

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