RAI n B FEVER arab-african hiphop

the very best of arab-african hiphop music


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  1. @mohamedsafy2010
    اه صح لما تخرج وكان رايح البيت
    والله انا عرفت الاغنية من الفيلم

  2. NICE NICE , man it really has a different taste when you listen to Rai n B here, it just connects us to our home land, 😀

  3. ME and my friends we put on this song and we drive downtown here in canada, man this is nice just reminds us of our home country LIBYAA

  4. oi THE JASUC OR WHATEVER its a song not an allah voting ting so listen 12 da tune n fuk u get it or else bang

  5. what the hell !?!?! its arabic but its like from tunisia or maroko or something ! if nerver heard that kind of arabic

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