Rain fall down – lofi hip hop mix

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👁 Artwork by Lap Pun Cheung
● Lap Pun Cheung

⭕Tracklist and Artist :

00:00 danngogh – and now im empty

02:22 Mojo – fly

04:11 amies – close your eyes

06:30 nosubject — i’ll see you around [epilogue [tape]

08:52 jhove – rain.


13:18 Chiccote’s Beats – lonely;

15:54 TSII – Leisure

18:10 dontaskalex – i n s a n e

20:10 eugenio izzi 🚬 – Feeling You

21:10 twil – winston gave me a bloody nose

24:47 raccoon with a groovebox – u in the orange light

27:50 t.Stratt — Some Sand

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  1. all these people in the comment section are so nice it gives me faith in this world. Have a nice day guys and if your going through something i wish you the best of luck and to get better 🙂

  2. If you are reading my message ,I want you to know that I care and love you A lot and wish only the best things for you, never have any self doubt about yourself, you will always achieve anything you would like to accomplish as long as you stay focused and dedicated to progress 🙂 Peeeeeace, Loveeeeeeeeee, and Unity (: God bless each and every single one of you and everything in the universe. Byeeeeeeeee, make it a super good day today! Go do some positive things for yourself and others, I love seeing genuine acts of kindness from people and so do others 🙂 Thanks

  3. For me, you make the BEST lofi mixes of all time, this helps me when I am feeling anxious, depressed, stressed but also when I want to sleep or when I do my homework. You are amazing, please keep up the work!!!!

  4. life has been rough mates, i have been getting 5h30min of sleep every night, waking up at 5:30am to go to school, which i have no friends at, spend my days at school alone, go to work as soon as i get home from school, get home from work at midnight. rinse and repeat till the weekend which my parents keep me cleaning the house and i have to catch up on homework. there are many other details like i don't have time to eat and what not that makes my life barely bearable. only thing i have going for me right now are the stories i tell my self in the middle of all this bullshit. im kinda just waitng for a big change in my life to make thing intresting. just wondering if anyone else is going through the same shit i am?

  5. That moment when you're enjoying chill music until you hear, "we found parts of the body all over the house, in places you wouldn't think. A funny thing is the head's never been found."


  6. I don't actually recall when I subscribed to your channel, but this is apparent your still sharing AMAZING music that is exactly my taste as well as GORGEOUS pictures for backgrounds that I am mesmerized by through the whole video for. Thank you very much, friend!

  7. It's raining and i got dumped a few hours ago. This playlist right here is such a nice escape from my stresses, worries, and pain. Thank you for this. I and I'm sure everyone else appreciate you and what you do. Have a nice day or night.

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