Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
Sleep & Rain mix

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0:00 greenface – I love you

2:01 RONINCLOUD – Grey

4:34 Ooi🌜 – н є у

6:51 Kr0w – Ikari

9:21 kanisan – romance (ft. mau)

10:48 aarigod – Dream Sign

13:05 Gilbeaux – Recall Order

15:31 Jordy Chandra – Bed Rain

17:02 Kosibeats – Under the stars at 1 AM

artwork by Charles Dauphin

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Comment (32)

  1. Dude, stop doing "Raining in places that almost nobody speaks english" and start the video with someone speaking english… I've live in Japan for a while, and it's really hard to find one single person that speaks english there…

  2. I know I'm no one special
    never in one place long enough to settle

    picking petals while I talk to my devil

    little by little I tremble as I think ahead

    asking myself have I done enough before I end up dead

    could I do more or should I end it all with one to my head
    cut wrists
    broken bloody fist
    that last kiss
    I know I wont ever miss
    this darkness clouding my vision
    I cannot see
    I cannot breathe
    I cannot hear
    I cannot speak
    I dont wanna eat
    anxiety taking over me
    I just wanna be free from the demons inside of me
    hiding quietly like a game of hide and seek
    smoking weed in hope to ease the pain
    next to the seas breeze smoking junts to calm my brain
    soaked head to toe under the trees listening to the sound of rain
    so let this rain wash away my pain as tomorrow comes another day

  3. No matter how hard is your life, dont be sad. There is always somebody who praying for your success. Virtual hugs for you 🤗🤗🤗

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