Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
Sleep & Rain mix

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0:00 Stian – ghost of you

2:03 importmedia – depression process number 4 (w/Ekaj)

4:15 Jay-Lounge – Breath Of Fresh Air

7:21 stream_error – u & me @ the end of time

8:59 barnes blvd. – cody banks.

10:44 furino – late night thoughts (w/ Ekaj)

12:59 dominus – crixus

15:10 High Noon Rush – L e n d e m a i n

Artwork by Jake Mairet

Inspired by Atey Ghailan

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Comment (25)

  1. wow. i never really read the comments of lofi videos or really watched them in the first place and it's amazing because people come here to vent. i love how supportive everyone is. for all the people who see this and are feeling depressed, you matter.

  2. we're all broken at some point in life, but after rain always comes the sun, so never lose hope! The universe gives us all the things we need and it makes us go through storms so that we can grow and become better versions of ourselves. Regarding the video, what does it say at the begining, after "why do good people date wrong persons?" I couldn't hear very well. Peace y'all <3

  3. Spinal drills I'm getting a sudden chill heart turned cold like steel so numb I don't what's real fantasize all day till a nigga feeling ill face turned red from the pills blood on my jacket from the wound from the tomb I assume that's my doom trapped in a box called my room only leads to destruction chaos from whom

  4. Extremely relaxing to listen too, I love to play this while I work it keeps my mind clear and relaxed so I can focus on what I'm doing, anyway love your channel keep at it <3!!!

  5. There’s an image, all my friends say “you have to date this kinda guy” and “he won’t like you looking like that” and honestly I don’t care what they look like. And they shouldn’t care what I look like, I just need someone that I can honestly just fully trust. Someone who won’t use me or say “it was just a dare” like honestly where can you find real wholesome love in 2019 :/

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