We linked up with Ramz at the Universal Music office in London earlier this month to show him some Scandinavian rap videos from Fouli (Denmark), GRT (Norway) and Macky (Sweden) + talk about his music and new single “Family Tree”. Who should we show next?

Watch more episodes from this series here:

Here’s the videos Ramz reacted to:

Fouli – “La Fami”:

LEO Feat. GRT (Umut, Adonis & KiNGZ¥) – “Vi Kommer”:

Macky – “Vinterdepress”:

Our “Reacts To Scandinavian Rap Videos” is a series where we promote new Scandinavian rap videos & artists, so the music we pick is often new (max 2-3 year old). We also try to pick new artists pr episode, and somewhat match the artists picked with the artists watching the videos. Let us know if you don’t agree with our choices, so that we can get better and better. 🙂


Ramz is an English rapper, singer and songwriter from London. He is best known for his hit single “Barking”, which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart in January 2018. He released his first song “I’m On My Grind” in February 2017 to little notice. He further released several other tracks in March 2017 and July 2017. Whilst releasing music, he was attempting to find employment after leaving university, eventually finding a job working at supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.


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YLTV er Skandinavias nummer 1 YouTube-kanal for urban musikk fra Norge, Sverige og Danmark. Vi laster opp ukentlige musikkvideoer, intervjuer, nyheter, vlog-er, reacts osv. Vårt mål er å samle den Skandinaviske musikk-scenen og gjøre den til en scene uten landegrenser.

Vi er basert i Oslo, Norge, men vi reiser ofte til Sverige og Danmark for å dekke deres scener også, og forhåpentligvis vil vi få lokale kontorer i fremtiden. Bli med på revolusjonen og abonnere på vår kanal!

Abonner på vår kanal: http://goo.gl/Xzgj5q

YLTV is Scandinavias number 1 YouTube channel for urban music from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We upload weekly music videos, interviews, news, vlogs, reacts etc. Our goal is to bring the Scandinavian music scenes closer together and to make it into one big scene with no borders.

We’re based in Oslo, Noway, but we travel often to Sweden and Denmark to cover those scenes too, and hopefully we’ll have local offices in the near future. Join our revolution and subscribe to our channel!

Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/Xzgj5q


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Comment (41)

  1. Extremely useless reviews… Seems he is up in the clouds, not even present. Did you catch him the day after a 5 day party? Come on.

  2. Choose one of these for Denmark next time
    Beko – Adriano
    Beko – Ayo
    Leprom – Hva Vi Ude I
    Bassam – 00'er
    ZK – Solskin
    Suus – I ved det
    RH – For Sent
    Reezy – Loyalitet
    Movement – Chancer
    Beni – 75
    Danni – Bar' La Vær
    Guldtand – Amigo

  3. @YLTV Hade varit intressant att se hur en UK artist reagerar på Aden och Asme – Pull Up med Afro B eller Winter – med Dun D och Asme. Deras collabs är väldigt bra och spännande just för det är på svenska fast med UK artister som kör på engelska 🙂 Tack för bra video

  4. You need to use more of the good danish rap music. Like Carmon, Danni, Jamaika, Gilli, Molo, Sivas, Beko, Højer Øye, DC, Omar, Marco Rahim, AMRO, Noah Carter, KESI and ZK. And now don't say i didn't give enough examples. I know the one you took here was quite good, but i also see you using a lotta shitty ones.

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