Rappertaguk 25 Sonnyjim

Sonnyjim got tagged in by Dabbla, see who gets tagged in next.
@sonnyjim01 @rappertaguk @dfacer @hoochinoo


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Comment (38)

  1. im knocking down the ten pins and eating like a french king/
    this is where the buck stops/
    are you trying to be the rhymer that I once was/
    Im shining like the sun god/
    word life/
    I watch the haters rip my third eye…..

    this is too much flows so hard

  2. this man goes in everytime…. not many realist rappers out there,im not talkin no grime shite either,talkin real bars and hip hop and this man smahes it… respect and nuff props from brum town smeds…. sonnyjim got it locked like a rastas dred ;p

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