Ras Kass – Air Em Out

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  1. First heard this back in '06 when this French hip hop zine just called RAP US released this dope track on their mixtape that comes with the zine. Listened to Ras Kass from then on till now. Thanks for posting this! The version I had on my CD the was without the last verse though.

  2. Jesus is 'Lord'.there are lords that cover regions of a mass of land.The have their own jurisdiction.Jesus is Not Emperor which would be the head of it all.The Father is The Creator of the Universe and Jesus answers to Him.as the Bible says:"no one comes to the Father but by Me".I agree,Jesus is Lord:-)

  3. @ryukenb2k im not trying to debate you but I would like to know where in the bible it PROVES that Jesus is not Lord but instead just a messiah and prophet and great rabbi, as you stated? Not only that but what bible are you getting the information from?

  4. @ryukenb2k I was saying during the crusades Europeans and Romans massacred in Jerusalem Africans Hebrews and Muslims alike. It was all a power clause. Thus I follow Jeshuah and shall not follow anyone that brought pain to our beloved continent.

  5. @ryukenb2k That would also be like me reminding you of the numerous black children that are stolen into slavery in the middle east ( Muslim ) region. Like I said before their is a difference between those of the Bible and those of the European Rome evil empire. Whites and Arabs participated in capturing our brothers and sisters and shipping them across the Atlantic as prisoners of war. My studies of Israel tell me that the majority of the inhabitants of the land probably are not original people

  6. My brother you are from south africa right so have you heard of Ahmad deedat?. Also christian's in south africa especially the one's of european origin started apartheid,and mugabi who is christian killed up hundreds of his own people. And long time ago when I was at school we were doing a essay about south african goverment corruption and society,we found that the christian's had drunkards by the tons and incest in many families plus muslims had sum black sheep but 0 incest.

  7. @ryukenb2k I know my people are vicious lol. And you know the Christian Muslim dialogue shall always go on. One thing though in my country we all got along lol; the African way of doing things.

  8. I have been debating christians on youtube four two yrs straight and I have found them quite offensive. They said yeshua ben maryam(pbut) created every and he is our LORD.I told 1 lady I hate her because she lies against Allah.and proved from bible he isnt our Lord but the messiah and prophet and great rabbi.she couldnt refuted me and ran from further discussion.

  9. @ryukenb2k I am a follower of Yeshuah. Known as Christian to some but not the irish Jesus that people blindly follow. Sudanese, I like that good people, very homely and cook great grub to eat. I am from south Africa, who knows I might be Jewish Lembe too.

  10. I am from Africa but live in the US my brother. I can see you have great taste in Music, you had to bring up one of my favourite MCs Keith Murray. Yes his first Album was burning like sulphur. One song comes to mind the Rhyme. One of the only few songs that could be added to Nas's Illmatic as a guest song and still keep illmatics classicness. Word is bond bro real recorgnise real.

  11. I'm from africa but live in london. Snoop isnt overrated it's simply he has charisma and the fact his underground shit with the dogg pound and also the eastsidaz and his joint with ice/dre/ren on the cmw remake was pure fire.Ras is sick.but is boring as hell and that's why he was slept on,his guest apperances are better then his album's.keith murray first album destroys all ras kass's shit he ever done.

  12. Okay point taken, but to say rass kass come's harder or even lick the shoe's of Big snoop dogg, you need to go back to his freestyles they murder all rass kass mixtape's. I am sudany and live hear in london. I cant believe you would think rassy could be better lyrically. Snoop mash up all freestyles and his underground shit is pisse's on any rass joint's,you give me three mix tapes of rass kass and I will give you 10 snoop mixtapes to kick his stuff into orbit

  13. How can you mention them without,dat nigga daz,kurupt,snoop,goldie loc,W.C. Ice book, mac dre,havok % prod, ant banks, crooked I,mac 10,wordsworth,. You just side stepped some heavy weight mc's man, oh yeah almost forgot Spice 1 and tupac

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