Ras Kass – Gayme Over (The Game Diss) + LYRICS

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Well atleast he was smart enough not to rap about him. You ain’t got no tears nigga, You got butterflies you tried to coverup with L.A. tats.

I’ma get at you guaranteed I been spitting for ya ayo this fag shake his ass for a couple dollaz i murder mics man this that Massacre 2 even you know your career was basically through (x2)

I Chuck Lidell on tracks
When I spell it smell like crack
Hang you lil dicks upside down like bats
Who the face of L.A? Had to get ya butterfly covered up with L.A.
You the waste of L.A.
Get blast up in L.A.
Face down ass up in L.A.
You the crocodile hunter, I am the stingray,making my day
One blood? More like michael jackson gets rid of one glove
Like I threw a snail at him
Get hit with one slug
One six foot hole dug
One punch?
Never happened Playa hush ya self and if it ended a career you must of punched yaself.
Ron Jeremy ass nigga, put ya dick in ya own mouth and suck yaself,bust yaself
So you can cum harder my oblongata is the firestarter
Don’t make me none
Jayceon when I have beef I serve filet mignon
Don’t make me do it to ya JT
Cause i’ll overdo it
Push your head in more combinations than a fucking rubix
Tongue Ring Queen lived in the burbs
He that black homo dude from revenge of the nerds
Got signed to aftermath,Dre dropped you twice
Then only clown to sell three mill and get dropped again,Whoa
No doctors advocate, boy stranded on geffen and still ain’t learned his lesson,Lying to the press and Internet thug.
Its all good nigga in the end after you flop i’ll still invite you to be my myspace friend.


That first song was a jab,this is part 2 of my trilogy feature.
I promise number three is ether.
His only defense, I ain’t said nothing new,But just because you already exposed don’t make it any less true.
This nigga life story switch like the butterfly effect(get the picture)
Just answer Yes or No nigga, Are you a stripper?(yes)
Went from crip to blood,We call that transformer.
That man’s a former deuce bigelow man whorea,Call him hurricane game cause he shake it like a saltshaker.
Drop it like its hot,Chippendale change of heart maker.
Plus ya shoes ain’t sellin,You ain’t no felon,Guaranteed bottle service when I break yo melon.
You ain’t from no hood,Got bitch slapped by Suge.
NWA? You’s a HWA, Ho with a attitude.
Confusing banging with ballet
Catch him outside the club take his car away like valet
Got Eazy-E tatted on ya arm bitch
His own son lil Eazy from compton even said you a varmint,Rat ass nigga murk him on some calm shit.
Plus my swags funky like Serena Williams armpits
Ahh, Made it through the hellhole
Your hood is Glendale to Melrose, Look at this black tickle me elmo
Remember the time you rapped exactly like Shyne,Didn’t even know this nigga and he shouts me out in rhymes like.
[THEGAME] Yeah this killa Cali life is a mothafucker
[RAS KASS]nigga you from Lancaster
[THEGAME]Niggaz hoppin off a lax’s can’t wait to see the sunshine
[RAS KASS]Shut up nigga
[THEGAME]Yall must think it’s all chips and championships in L.A. I got niggaz from San Diego all the way to the bay
[RAS KASS] Who you got?
I get it you my stan gone bad miss me Dave Chapelle lost episode,This niggaz my pixie.
So i’mma stay on game like the referee
You lucky i’m on parole I been put steel in ya soul
Throw’em to the wolves let the street devide ya
American me that boy is prison vagina
And fuck if interscope created you
Big fase done made you
50cent Fileted you
Stupid,You played you and Jimmy can’t save you
When I stick my whole arm through ya chest like Chris Angel
No love when I turn in ya clock and flavor flav you
No crip or blood when I gangbang you
I’m able to hop out GT’s extra crisp
Spit green shit like posessed bitch in the exorcist
Ho’s I fuck sware I got the extradick
My P.O. is healthy,My tec is extra sick
And since you tried to promote your record off me pal
Eat or Die the new album in stores now
Get real nigga
Pistol grip pump?
nigga you’s a high heel pump



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  1. Not really that hot weak beat decent lyrics gotta shorten that shit kinda keeps saying the same thing…seems to care so much didn’t come out very easy

  2. That's not what said… U said Joe Jonas would Lyrically kill Ras Kass! Which I disagree 100% quite I'm not the only one who disagreed

  3. if anyone really pays attention to HipHop, Game started his beef with Ras Kass the same way he did with Meek…picking a random fight that's all

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