Raul Sanchez Cap City

Raul Sanchez Cap City

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  1. Hes not smiling back at you – hes trying to bite your hands! Hilarious but in a quiet dry way that I love. It's not frequently done but when it happens I remember it forever. In the Clint Eastwood film grand Toroino after Clint tells toad to go and count all the birds he retaliates in a quiet way by sarcastically asking ' what do you want me to do now – watch paint dry?' I was the only one in the theater laughing. But the smiling dog and paint drying are both examples of beautifully worded pure unadulterated comedy go,d but dont in that suit tle wzy many ppl miss because its intelligent. Too many ppl prefer to laugh at swearing or slapstick, the lower forms in the parameter of comedy.

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