Real Hip Hop Vs. Fake Hip Hop

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One of the most common debates in the Hip Hop community is what is and what isn’t considered “real” Hip Hop. The majority of purists will be quick to tell you that MC’s like KRS One and Joey Bada$$ make “real” Hip Hop while rappers like Migos and Future do not. Does that make them “fake” Hip Hop artists? However you frame it, we aren’t the first generation to have this debate, but this week, we will attempt to settle it once and for all. Real Hip Hop vs. Fake Hip Hop: is there really a difference? Let’s break it down…

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Comment (38)

  1. I feel lyrics just get so lazy nowadays. That's why A Tribe Called Quest's 2016 album was so refreshing. It was new but also old school and so unique. You knew it was Tribe whereas many hip hop artists with some $ sign in the name sound the same as eachother. Obviously this is just my opinion. Whatever music brings you joy at the end of the day is the important part, not opinion 🙂

  2. I hear what Murs is saying… but as a guy who was in college during the high point of Das Efx, I’m proud to be consistent: I didn’t like Das Efx then, and I ain’t feeling Migos now. IJS

  3. Murs makes a good point. Coming from a 80's, 90's , 2000's hip hop fan. This gives me a new perspective on mumble rap. Not everyone can be DOOM.

  4. When Das Efx rapped it was their own style. It wasnt a copy off someone else. Rappers the ones put into the mumble category all sound the same.

  5. I'm just an 80s white kid that only got a small sample of hip hop growing up. Love your videos, they're helping me rediscover so many artists and find new ones. Keep it up!

  6. I certainly remember alot of wack rappers back in the golden age. Murs is on point. I grew up in the BX and watched this come up. I even had to catch myself and realize that the thing with hiphop is that it's a young man's sport. The minute that it's not the music of your teens and twenties then you don't look at it with the same affection. Like Murs said, nostalgia. I may not like Migos, but it's because it's not my music anymore. It's my son's music. Sorry, it's evolved to what the youngins made it.

  7. Das EFX is far better because they are as funky as the P-Funk. Migos has no funk in his groove. This is how it is with me put in bass crushing Funk or/and Heavy Metal in the mix. Whether it is sample or self made make the beat heavy. MC Hammer himself is way better in the grooves he has than what is around today.

  8. Im not even going to lie Im an old head and I just hate on alot of new stuff cause its new. But in reality I like Migos and Future….still not a fan of Hammer though…lol

  9. Yo man stop. You missed on the point of where hip-hop came from and why they use the samples. Migos is no DasEfx. Hammer drop the MC because white people didn’t know what it meant.

  10. Its fake because there basing Hip on the amount of money you earn, being wealthy! Bill Gates is rich but he ain't Hip! "Its not about a salary it's all about reality"

  11. yea, thats true about MCs. party isnt lyrical rubics cube. having fun and feeling the beats on the dancefloor demands less thinking to begin with and being more sexual and primodial

  12. 4:52 in now and strike 3 . How the fuck is that the same thing? How ? One song you atleast can understand the lyrics . Wtf are u smokin dude ?

  13. Now im 3:32 in and i realized very quickly u dont k ow what your talking about. Do you even know how and who? Started hip hop? Im from the north wood of wisconsin and i know how hip hop started . Dj kool hurk in the south bronx on seg….something ave. ( agian cant spell it . Sorry) hurk was a jamacian dj that mixed the art of " toasting " ( spoken word battle . Accapella ) and put it to a disco type beat and made a beautiful art form. That eventually became a platform foe innercity youth to tell the world about the day to day horrors of project and ghetto life. So thats strike 2

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