This is the story of many workers across the world, the struggle of being underpaid and treated like dirt. Working for the middleman who takes there cut from your hard earned money, this is the life of Agency Scum. The video was filmed & edited by Redbeard and the track is produced by EatGood’s very own heat maker Kelakovski. The single is available from Redbeard’s bandcamp page. which also includes 2 other tracks featuring Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Sk, Sam stealth and producer’s Jon Phonics and Wizard.


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  1. I like Eat Goods stuff, its a shame my missis is Kela's ex cos I'd like it more if he weren't, mind you I dunno wha gwaan there lolzzz
    Keep up the good work peoples, Brum findin its feet in the scene

  2. this is true every agencie ive worked 4 has been scum its the way they act like they care lol 1st agencie i worked 4 MAC EMPLOYMENT Doncaster in 2003 got in agencie van we turned up 6am at sum warehouse 30 fkin mile away 2 find out they didnt need me n this african guy so one word 4 agencies SCUM!!!

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