REEL WOLF Presents “GHOST IN THE MACHINE” w/ Madchild, Sean Strange & Swann (Official Video)




Reel Wolf Presents:
“Ghost in the Machine”
w/ Madchild, Sean Strange & Swann
Beat Produced by: Sentury Status LX Xander

This fan favorite song from “Blood Moon” brings together Vancouver hip hop veteran Madchild, with NY underground wordsmith Sean Strange and Toronto’s Wolfpack affiliate Swann over this dark, grimy beat by Sentury Status LX Xander. A visually conceptive track about madness and insanity, all the emcees bring their A-game over the dark cinematic imagery in the video. A true vintage Reel Wolf song.

Directed by: Tom Vujcic
Cinematography: Delaney Siren & Tom Vujcic
Production Manager: Amir Radi
Assistant Camera: Ryan Schwarz
Key Grip: Ted Pryce
London Production Assistant: Allan Stuart
New York Production Assistant.: Kevan Browne
Toronto Production Assistant: Nathan Dewset
Mix & Master: Sentury Status

Chris Quigg as “The Masked Man”


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Comment (41)

  1. So pretty much two persons on drugs and they say that they are delusional mentally unstable where drugs were offered by individual people changing the person's configuration where they are subsidizing a different conscience to it individual person placing him underneath the pressure of drugs

  2. This is where the Wolf Pack is Gathering massive amounts of information through the Illuminati they are supported by the police where they're representing a ecosystem events going against the individual person for example these individual people police the Minds of innocent people to process them into crime or going against individual person and the Americans of the violent ones where they want to discriminate a person's pride

  3. Sean Strange is NOT a good rapper.. and who the FUCK told the dude with the last verse to EVER get past two bars these dudes SUCK you make poor madchild look bad I think you dude jus got funds to waist cause rap ain’t it… Strange and Swan or whatever you guys should look into getting your CDL or somethin

  4. Awesome track much respect still can't wait for that Madchild necro collaboration Sean strange and nems should get back with psychological records too

  5. if you grava voices in yer head commeregava visit a psychiatryst with me,,, instead,,,, meh,,, we'll get a couple of resonably priced call girls and have them produce more answers with less feedback with less knock me out time depleting testosterone to eugenically cut your livilihood in half… largaris Ҿ that make you half-a-man-milk-producing-goats,,, that would be so ЯӒӍ, no but seriously Psychiatrysts (yes we know it's 'trists') Whore Govis sonne door-ov-a-kiss with your ass slap it on the way out, DR. DEATHMEISTER(s)… dot-dot-dash-dot-dot.. REAL WHORES~! NOT THE FAKE KIND~!!

  6. Madchild: "They know a freak when they see one, I cannot handle a re-run"
    Majority of your lyrics are re-runs.

    Sean Strange is always dope though

  7. Being good makes others wanting you dead. Phycological attacks is what I said, spirits all around finding soul less bodies in which greed caused there brain to make Shure they are fed. Magic magic ningas what whoop whoop. Just cause some don't see or hear we appreciate the help of those whom know

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