Rene & Angela Feat. Notorious Big – I Love You More (Dj “S” Remix) 2013

Rene & Angela Feat. Notorious Big – I Love You More (Dj “S” Remix) Vinyl

A bootleg remix of the 2005 dancefloor hit by Rene & Angela.

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  1. 👌Intro: « And now for my next number, I’d like to return to the classics » (Liberace Shopsticks, live at Carnegie Hall 1978).👍❤️This cut is one of my favorites. Great duo band. Pure funk 80’s sound. Deep. Powerful.💐

  2. Angela & Renee takes me back to the skating rink days…..who know about the skating rinks era ?…..let me break it down for those who never experience this…..see back in the 80s the skating rink was the place to take.your girl. You would the dj playing 80s funk, old skool rap and party R&B. It didnt matter if you cant skate.or not . just having clean fun was it was all about….whole families would also be they….Baby Boomers say the hamburger Malt shops was there hang out ….us generation-x wr had the skating rink.

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