reper outlaw HIP HOP FESTIVAL LIVE 31/08/14 Cyprus, Nicosia, Diahroniki Musiki Skini

This is my performance that took place in the biggest Hip Hop festival of the year in Cyprus/Nicosia 31/08/14 in place named ‘’Diahroniki musiki skini’’.
I wanted to show my uniqueness as person and as artist and make something that will be different than the other 16 Mcz and crews that performed that night. Just because all artists had limit in song performance each should perform 3 songs I had to come out with nice and creative Idea. So I made intro track with nice music and words from different movies than added 3 tracks after and each track was in different language (Greek/Russian/English). I rap in three languages and wanted to show my skills on each language. My back vocalist is my good friend ‘’PLT’’ he helped me with my performance and also he rap too so you can check him out on YouTube also.
My first track named M.M.A. the beat was written by Mario Mental and it’s full Greek.
My second song was in Russian and it was just one verse so lets consider it as half song and then after that track I added another track that is in Russian too and that song I supposed to perform with Ablaze and I didn’t cuz of some people that have complex and Ablaze didn’t come to perform. The beat of that track is written by very good beat maker from Greece Tyler. And last song ‘’Now that I know’’ I performed with my friend and very good artist Gore Melian. The beat of that song is written by me ‘’reper outlaw’’.

Enjoy the show and please don’t forget to subscribe, like and Check out my other work that I’ve done through my music career.

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