Rhythm Roulette: Digga

Rhythm Roulette: Digga

Digga met Mass Appeal at 125th and Madison in the heart of Harlem for Rhythm Roulette, where he blindly copped some records from a local street vendor. After pulling some Peabo Bryson, Chaka Khan Live, and Johnny Mathis, Digga brought us back to his classroom at a middle school in Harlem, where he quickly crafted a banger using his midi keyboard and Reason.

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  1. Cant stop wont Stop Itz the rockafella kidz we, 🙌 we get down baby, we get down …. Idk why it kind of annoys me seeing all these producers chopping thier beats and playing the samples on keys? Yo man keep it 💯 bang out those pads. Nah im playing…idk something heavily brought out the troll in me? I need to get a job.

  2. Its funny never seen this dudes face b4, i was put on 2 this book by a producer named DDS (check him out). Quite ironc 2 because im from the same place as digga also so it all kinda comes full circle. This was a dope RR

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