Rhythm Roulette: El-P

This time around on “Rhythm Roulette,” Mass Appeal linked up with the one and only, El-P. The Def Jux general blessed us with the opportunity to gain some insight on the process, which has helped him make classic material since 1993. After heading to a hole-in-the-wall record shop and picking out some dusty old warped records, El showed us how to make something out of nothing/s, starting with his rusty, self-fixed, ASR-10.

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  1. El-P top 5 Hip Hop artist of all time along with Andre 3000, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and MF DOOM. If your top 5 contains 2Pac, Biggie, Rakim, Eminem and whateverthefuck overrated artist don't reply

  2. Conspiracy time My brotha's and Sista's

    Notice the Music plays and completely Mutes the background voice's … That is because The (Mass Appeal) don't want us to hear them giving El-P directions on which Records to Pick!!! #Staywoke Brotha's and Sista's

  3. that beethoven disrespect uncalled bruh. beethoven is a gangster. we wouldnt have rockstars w/o that dude. man created the idea of art as a career. before him musicians were just court jesters that dude was mean and passionate as hell

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