Rhythm Roulette: Filthy Rockwell (Feat. Boldy James)

Rhythm Roulette: Filthy Rockwell (Feat. Boldy James)

In this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal presentsFilthy Rockwell. After putting on the ceremonial blindfold, Filthy randomly selected Lani Hall’s Albany Park, Michael Quatro’s In Collaboration With The Gods, and Barry White’s Greatest Hits: Volume Two. Once we arrived at his studio, he got right to work and began crafting a joint from the Michael Quatro record. Boldy James actually stopped by right after Filthy laid down the beat, and fucked with what he heard so much, that he recorded a verse on the spot

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Comment (48)

  1. but just cos someone brought an emcee dont mean everybody should come with an emcee. bring a chior, breakdancers, whatever man, creativity! originality!

  2. the rapper is the weckest ever but act like a superstar ahahahahahah
    oh my god how much we laugh no skills no voice a 14 years old attitude
    i think the money he show was some monopoly shit
    because he is not even a rapper is just hilarious to see people that dont fix with mic and beat
    the beat was great……….
    filthy super great
    erase the rap part is simply a benny hill show

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