Rhythm Roulette: Medslaus | Mass Appeal

Rhythm Roulette: Medslaus | Mass Appeal

For the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette we brought in Slauson Malone, one half of the rising experimental hip hop duo Medslaus. Together, N.Y. producer Slauson and Brooklyn rapper MEDHANE, released their latest project, Poorboy, in May. Poorboy is one of the best projects to come out of the new wave of New York rap and including features from SLUMS and Standing On The Corner.

“Music is so much more than about myself” Slauson told MASS APPEAL. “It’s like my ability to have conversations with other people who were here before me.”

Slauson can clearly make some dreamy and unique beats, which means he’s a prime candidate for the blindfold and Rhythm Roulette. We brought Slauson to Good Records on the Lower East Side to pick three joints. As usual, they are some interesting picks including an ’80s hip hop record, the soundtrack for a Japanese science fiction anime and a French jazz record.

Watch our Rhythm Roulette video above to see the how Slauson chefs up an incredible beat using these off-the-wall picks.

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  1. oh shit!! i used to do the same thing with my guitar tuner, lol. thank goodness for serato and key finder. nothing worse than trying to find the key of shit and losing your flow.

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