Rhythm Roulette: Nick Catchdubs

Rhythm Roulette: Nick Catchdubs

On this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal presents the co-founder of Fools Gold Records, Nick Catchdubs. The man who wears many hats has also added solo-artist/producer to his resume, with an upcoming project titled Smoke Machine featuring IAMSU, Troy Ave, Heems, World’s Fair, MNDR, B.I.C. and more. Check out above to see what Nick makes out of a few Latin records and “Vans” by The Pack.

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  1. I hate to say it, but I'm not super impressed with the samples he picked. I love catchdubs, but it seems like he kind of phoned it in. Dumping that random phrase in simpler and using it as the main element seemed a little lazy. He had so many other options (based on what I heard) to use and layer up. He might have been pressed for time. Not terrible though..

  2. Los hermanos Rosario are a Merengue band from Dominican Republic. Are one of the most famous merengue band form the middle 80's. Really nice band if you like some caribbean stuff… I think if some producers use some samples from them they can dig in some great beats…

  3. Never ever heard of this guy.. He seems humble! Insted of requesting other producers in the comment section, give this guy some feedback mabye? Good job Mass & Nick

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