Rhythm Roulette: Nick Hook | Mass Appeal

Rhythm Roulette: Nick Hook | Mass Appeal

For this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal linked with beat-making maestro Nick Hook.

We’re convinced that there’s no type of music Nick Hook isn’t capable of masterminding. The St. Louis producer went from Cubic Zirconia founder to live MPC sets to now creating music for other artists as well as himself. He also co-produced the first single from our compilation tape. He’s not afraid to try new things from scratch and that’s what made him such a prime candidate for our next episode of Rhythm Roulette.

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  1. this is incredibly bad. i can sort of hear an attempt at some knxwledge-like wonkiness, but it's so poorly done that i'm not totally convinced that was the idea… definitely one of those encouraging RR episodes for amateur beat makers lol

  2. when the f intellectuals as there are periodists will understand each other with f intellectuals as musicians. There's something extrange here. Why this guy apparently acts and perform as one capo and really don't get the point of the intervew more than anecdothically in actual developement of culture itself. Why you don't feel them right next to each other fighting the same shit?? what this nightmare of circus is so f far anymore. I'm convinced that they fit the political issues, and the cool panorama and there's nothing that a general opinion can do about. It's just common, if someone can teach something about this I it is only music, stop pretending we are . why he acts like an orfanage little fellow when saying thanks for having me?? why is that so f common?since when or what culture f ows anything to media or money?? stop acting like that, that's not cool for sure, but must important is that isn't f real

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