Rhythm Roulette: Phony Ppl | Mass Appeal

Rhythm Roulette: Phony Ppl | Mass Appeal

On the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette, the immensely talented members of the band Phony Ppl get blindfolded and thrust into the record shop, where they have fun crate digging before heading into the studio to cook up as only they know how.

Go behind-the-scenes of a session with the geniuses behind the group’s latest album, ’mō‘zā-ik.’ & much more on the latest #RR.

Stream ’mō‘zā-ik.’ here: https://ffm.to/mozaik

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  1. First off I need to get on Rhythm Roulette I will make something classic I promise. Now second I seen Phony People perform live at Pusha T show in NYC great performance. But when I seen them on the playlist I wonder why because they are a live band. And I was disappointed. I understand promo but sometimes you have to stay in your lane and this wasn’t it. Now with that said if you want to hear dope Beats by me Trap Bradshaw and the lyrical WizRd Fyna Flo (Fly Young Nigga Attitude) project titled Dream Bigger on every streaming platform and YouTube. Check it out and let Mass appeal I need to be on here.

  2. Shit wack but at least they tried to be different. I’m cocky so I feel bad dissing them but if they’re gonna be cocky, at least their final product should be good. When my shit is mediocre, I immediately temper my cockiness.

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