Rhythm Roulette: Pyramid Vritra

Rhythm Roulette: Pyramid Vritra

We’re back with another episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal presents Stones Throw producer and emcee Pyramid Vritra. We took PV over to Mount Analog in Los Angeles, where he immediately got down to business. After making his picks, we headed to the studio so he could get to flippin’ his selections. The final result is a hazy, hard-hitting jawn that you can easily vibe out to.

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  1. After watching this video, I scrolled down to thumb it down, and it appears I have already thumb this video down three or four years ago. I may have left a bad review as well. The only good thing about this video is for those who never ever made a beat in their lives, can look at this video as inspiration, because this is trash.

  2. I find myself coming back to this one along with Slauson Malone and Matt Martians. I love the eclectic weirdo types in myself, more interesting than just having technical ability in a traditional sense.

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