Rhythm Roulette: Salaam Remi | Mass Appeal

Rhythm Roulette: Salaam Remi | Mass Appeal

For this edition of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal linked up with Salaam Remi.

Getting his first taste of studio work with Kurtis Blowe, Salaam Remi was destined to work with some of the greats like Nas, Amy Winehouse, Fugees (The Score), Ini Kamoze (“Here Comes The Hotstepper”), Jurassic 5, and more. He’s also worked on soundtracks for films like Office Space, Zoolander, The Departed, and Blood Diamond. He’s most recently been working with Bodega Bamz, Joell Ortiz, and Nitty Scott as No Panty.

After hitting up A-1 Records, Salaam ends up with George Faith’s Soulful, Danny La Rue in London, and The Who’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. Putting his faith in George Faith, he finds the backbone of his beat and then pulls some samples from the others. Joell Ortiz also makes a short cameo to comment on the work-in-progress beat. Watch the full creation process above.

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Comment (24)

  1. That was the worst beat ever made. My first beat I ever created beat that. That was barely a chop. Mass appeal why aren't ya'll getting swizz beatz… Timbaland… D.R.E… Young guru… Alchemist.. J.cole… Even kanye… I said Kanye not yeezus.

  2. That dude make a lot of my favourite songs;
    Buckshot lefonque – no pain no gain salaam remi (best ever for me, fallowed by i used to love her of commn and mass appeal of gang starr)
    da bush babies – remember we
    black sheep – without a doubt
    fugees – nappy heads

    I think Salaam Remi and Easy Mo Be are so underrated !!!

  3. I wonder how many "commenters" here that are dissing the beat even ownes a MPC? SP12OO? Ever sampled anything? Not little cheese bites on a toothpicks at A supermarket either. Maybe some have, my guess is very few. However, this is a show about such content so maybe.. Regardless, why haven't you been on this show yet?? He is a top shelf , talented guy who has many, many beats/music on his resume. I'm sure (and the beat wasn't bad to me anyway) he could have flipped these 3 records 10OO different ways if he wanted to. Why is it so hard to give someone thier props? Oh… wait… It's the internet! Quit dissing or I'm gonna call you WACK A$$ Busta Motherf*****s out. Go play with Fruity Loops or some sh*t.

  4. Basically, doodling with sounds. I.ll work with you anytime though, message me, I compose always looking for a new sound in music, something that stanss out, something catchy yet innovative

  5. This is what it is. So many youngstas have never touched the vinyl and hardware. Remove the studio setting and insert a basement and this is the 90s and 00s for countless hip hop heads. Nice

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